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Here you will find my crazy creations for 3D printing, mixing public STLs to create my own visions of the 40K universe, and printing them to real life. My creations are not for sale or trade, all are personal artistic workings you can replicate using the original STLs they are made from. Look and enjoy!

All creations featured here are made using Autodesk Meshmixer and Microsoft 3D Builder.

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Imperator titan proyect

Our greatest project ever is alive! get inside to learn more about this crazy work.


The Laughing god of the eldar arlequins, the only survivor of the eldar ancient gods.

Reaver titan for 40K

A mighty Reaver titan in 40K scale, greatly customised.

Perturabo, primarch of the Iron warriors

The powerful Perturabo, primarch of the Iron warriors traitor legion 

Noise marines - The Vocalist

He is the main vocalist of the band, his deep voice spreading chaotic and destructive echoes of doom across the battlefield.

Noise marines - Chorus

Leader of the chorus in the band, his speciallity is the use of voice-slaves, transformed to act as living amplifiers.

Noise marines - Bass

He is the bass, he is the rhythmin, he is the blessed of Slaanesh.

Noise marines - The divo

He is beautiful, he is handsome... and he knows it. The idol of the chaotic females, every daemonette has a poster of him in his lair.

Noise marines - Drums and acoustics

The mad biker of sound, the power and potency of the band, the heavy support from behind.

40K Imperator titan head

A complete 40K scale head for a gigantic Imperator titan that includes full detailed cockpit.

Mechanicum wall-mounted servitors

Ready to control the data-cognition of your mechanicum titan or heavy vehicle!

Horus, the Warmaster

The legendary Chaos warmaster. the man who killed the emperor itself! sitting in his throne planning the end of the empire of mankind.

The Emperor

The Emperor of mankind, the big boss, the man itself! A simple superdetailing from the Golden papa model.

Ultra-gothic Chapel imperial knight

A high-detailed imperial knight created by the Adeptus Mechanicus

Titan princeps with pug

A great titan deserves a great princeps... and a pug

Custom Bolter

A customizable 40K bolter, real life -size and high-detailed. A gift for our knidly sponsors. Thank you!


Tyranid Biotitan

The space bugs got a massive ally

Female Mechanicum techpriest

In the faithfull service of the God-Machine

The God Emperor of mankind

A different approach to the emperor model, in all his glory and power!

Tyranid Dominatrix

The biggest tyranid bioform, the mighty Dominatrix!

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