Imperator titan head

Some weeks ago I was felt very inspired by the 40K scale imperator titan from Grant Johannes and other models than was featured in the facebook groups, so I started remixing my own head variant, more close to the titan in the Titandeath cover, a design closer to the original Epic imperator model and featuring a full detailed interior cockpit. I used for the remix the head from the Grant´s titan and a low poly faceplate model in cults, apart from hundreds of bits from Cults and Thingiverse for the interior detailing. The princeps and moderati are from commercial STLs, but I made a version without crew (add your own) totaly made from free STLs that I can share here.
The size is calibrated to a FW 40K scale titan, of about 95-100 cms. It´s compatible with Grant´s model but it will nedd to be rescalated about 25%
In the plans if fits OK but when I´ve printed it needed a lot of sanding in the cap part :-( surely for some warping in the printing. After all this is not a profesional work.
The interior features complete cockpit with monitors, controls, a holographic display and a hiden room bellow with as little chapel and 2 servitors. Hope you like it :-)

This model is remixed from this models:

- For the base I used Grant´s titan head, you can fin the complete titan in Cults free Here
- For the faceplate I choose this model from Fantabuloustexan, Here free in Cults3D
- And hundreds of bits from Thingiverse and Cults3D 

This model made completely from free public models is shared Here

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