The Vocalist

The first in a series of remixed noise marines to form a complete noise chaos rock band.
This one is to be the vocalist of the band, so I started with a free, general chaos marine, add the retro-like microphone, a also retro-like sonic blaster and the noise backpack. Plus a lot of tiny chaotic decorations such as the severed head, Slaanesh icons, chaos sword etc.
The idea is a band of noise marines clearly in the show-bussines mood, and with a retro look. After all, chaos warriors must wish to have their own idols, true? and the daemonettes? what kind of photo posters do they have in their lair-rooms? that is.

This model is remixed all from free public models:

- For the main body I choose a classic chaos marine from JimBeanz in Cluts3D, you can get it free Here
- The Noise backpack: I choose this free model with retro-vynil detail, Here free in Cults3D
- The Sonic blaster, I liked the hedonistic guitar from LoggyK in Cults3D Here
For the retro microphone, I choose this free model from DJaviLozano in Cults3D Here

This model is made completely from free public models, so I can share the complete STL Here

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