Cegorach, the laughing god of the eldar. The sole survivor of the slaughter of the ancient eldar gods at the hands of Slaanesh. For this model, I always imagined a being of the warp, with a demon air, but clearly eldar, with the funny aspect of a clown mixed with a terrifying, deadly and ruthless creature. He is clever, he is wise, but he has no mercy on the enemies of the eldar.
To create the model I relied on the grinning god from Archvillain games, along with assorted bits of thingiverse for the sword, the harlequin's kiss, and the mask. The cape was taken from one of the many Spawn models that circulate on the net. Enjoy.

- Grinning god, Archvillain games, buy Here for $15
- Spawn cape, buy Here for $11.13
- Various bits of thingiverse

The Crazy Mixer

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