Reaver titan


Reaver titan for 40K

A mighty Imperial Titan Reaver, in Warhammer 40K / 30K scale. Highly customized, it is composed of hundreds of parts and weighs a total of 3.5 kilos of resin for printing.
Includes a complete crewed cockpit and torso as well with all detailed interiors as well as 3 interchangeable carapace weapons.

- The main model is the Reaver titan model "Mk3 BigBoi Space Thief" that was available for some time in Thingiverse, but you yet find in the net if you know where to search in. You can see the model Here
- The cockpit crew were made since the imperial knight pilot that was too in Thingiverse until banned, you can se a photo Here. The princeps head is from Rommel himself! you can buy it Here for $40.
- The groin armour plate was taken from an Heresylab shield you can buy Here for €4
- The legs shields are from the Galatus drednought you can get free on Cults3D Here.
- And hundreds bits from Thingiverse and Cults3D for weapons, details, chains, purity seals, decorations etc.

Let´s have a closer view of the main weapons construction:


The Carapace Missile launcher

I never liked the original Reaver missile launcher. Instead I decided to create one, merging four Whirlwind missile turrets and modeling the interior and mid-section from scratch. I then added several curved external armor plates to keep the Reaver's typical curvy and gothic look.
The launcher doors and the armour plates are simply geometrical meshes you can make with Meshmixer.
As usual surf Thingiverse for details (pistons, fan, purity seals etc.)

- You can find Whirlwind missile launchers free in Thingiverse Here 
- or this one in Cultd3D for €3.12 Here


Carapace Plasma destructor

For the realization of the carapace plasma cannon, I could not find any model that I liked. The only one I found was the Da_SUB00 model on Cults3D, which was intended for AT scale, and lacked detail and did not look impressive, altough I liked the mount.
For the body I liked the plasma cannon of the Titan Warhound, so what I did was mix both, increasing the size of the cannon to adapt it to the scale of the Reaver, as well as replacing the plasma cannisters with more detailed ones from thingiverse.

- You can find the free plasma cannon base from DA_SUB00 Here
- You can find free more detailed plasma cannisters Here
- For the Plasma cannon you need  the Warhound titan model, you have one free in
  Cults3D Here


Final real model printed


Base model for mount


The Hull detailed interior

I wanted my titan to have a detailed interior, but none of the models had it. Fortunately there is a free model on Thingiverse that is compatible with the base model hull. Be careful with the head connections, they are not the same, and you need to add more detail, but it is usable.
For the detail I resorted to decorations of the adeptus mechanicus and industrial pieces in general, both from Thingiverse and Cults3D.
Now you can add a techpriest, any from the large amount of STLs available.

- Here you can find the Hull model.

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