Horus, the warmaster, the emperor's favorite son, the absolute lord of chaos. When I thought about making a remix of Horus sitting on his throne, it was difficult to choose the right figure: I liked Konev's bust, a beauty, but for the legs and hammer I had to look for more models, and the one I liked the most was the TMC one. The throne is that of the Warmaker fantasy figure and the dead loyalist marine helmets are from skarpzon in 3DCults and are free!

- Horus bust by Alexei Konev, you can find his patreon Here (This guy is incredible)
- Horus complete model from Loggyk (Also found in The makers Cult patreon) in Cults3D Here for 7€
- Warmaker throne from ARCstudios Here for $6
- Dead marines helmets from skarpzon, you can get free here (Check this guy work, it´s fantastic)

The Crazy Mixer

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