Imperial Knight


An ultra gothic imperial knight from the Adeptus Mechanicus

The inspiration for this model came after seeing the impressive nundam model from RageousCreations (check this guy site, he has great stuff for nuns). I don´t collect sisters, but it was perfect for a imperial knight conversion. Erasing the sisters decorations and replacing for mechanicus, mainly the head. The head, missile launcher, dome towers, banner and gatling are all free models from Thingiverse. Now we have a gloriuous-looking imperial knight, kind of a chapel-tomb one, the last fighting place of a terminal-wounded senior knight commander or the guardian of a mechanicum tomb world. It is like a mini-imperator titan too :-)

- Nundam model by RageousCreations, buy Here for only $17.50
- Gatling cannon, Here free
- Tower dome, Here free
- Knight head, Here free
- Missile launcher, Here free
- Banner, Here free
- Various minor bits from thingiverse and Cults3D

The trickiest part is the chapel shoulders, mixing the original shoulder with the new dome chapel, and managing to fit it in the body. Some modelling was needed here.

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